How To Register An Account


1. Click My Account & Click the REGISTER Menu

2. Fill in your personal info just like below.

3. Fill in your full address just like below.

4. Fill in Tracking Code for Share N Earn Program & your bank account details that will be use to pay your commission.

5. You will see all these menu in your MY ACCOUNT area..

6. Click Share n Earn Bank Details if you want to update your Bank Account Details.

7. Click Share n Earn Tracking Link to generate specific link to promote any specific product or category.

8. Click Share n Earn Downline if you want to see all your downline who have registered an account with SBS through your tracking link.

9. Click Share n Earn Transactions to see detail commission earn from each transaction made by your downlines.

10. Click Top 10 Affiliates if you want to see  the Latest Top 10 Affiliates who have the highest commission so far.